Martech Box3 Help



We are glad to welcome Martech Box III users!



The program is divided into few bookmarks:

  • all models (includes list of all supported devices)
  • activations (RCD, RCD Pro, Security, BE-2580, TMS-470, STA-2052, RNS-E, RNS 5(8)10, OMAP-5948)


  • programmer (general way to read / write memories)
  • box info (box information, list of available activations, setup and other hardware details)



If you want to choose model, simply write its name in search field:




After selecting interesting model you are able to choose:

  • Function
  • SN Calculator
  • Programmer


  • Software update is being checked on each run - once it's available - it download automatically itself, new version will be applied after software restart

Thank you for the purchase and use of Martech Box III.
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